Fireworks of Time

As meteors drop I sit anew…

As I watch the stars drop

I take a seat

To watch this magnificent show

As a stranger takes his seat

As I ignore his seat

As is he an oppressor

As I stare a gaze of arrows

Ready to fight

As I relax

and play this game of time

As mother nature cradles me

Back to life.


(From a dream)






It is unfortunate how even in today’s society we are bent over the idea that hip hop is associated with gangs, gunshots and stabbings. What is it about expression of music that can be taken to such extent? Why are we so afraid of hip hop? Is it because it is a form of expression that African Americans in America used to express their emotions and plight. Jazz was also created by the African Americans of America….

Yet when we think of jazz we do not associate this with our fellow African American brothers and sisters. What do we think about? Let’s be real here! Why do we steal art but not acknowledge where it came from; we fear their talent. Its hypocrisy at its finest.