I’mma release this crackle of lightening

as it comes straight from the source

Can you handle it

For it is your bidding

that released it

Now watch electric fire


As mothers rise

As I sit in prayer

As the Angels arrive

As they encase me with their wings

As I soar a falcons roar…

Wings of Gods Kingdom

For have you seen their power

As I sit within his dome

As he takes care of me

As you all fail me

So I rise

In the name of my sisters

The ones we have lost

In unmarked graves in my land of Oh Canada


As fathers fall

Mothers rise

As my ancestors teach me how to protect my sexuality

As they know ohh all too well

How to fight this battle

For they come from lands that did not protect them at all

So I rise

In their liberty

As we fall

A death walk never seen before

As I roar a beast

Ugly power

As I rise

I’mma show you a gift

One of the divine

I’m on my path…

As you take away my rights

As you sit smugly apon your chair

Now a wrath must be felt

For it is the way of mother

Feel it if you can

For this melody is released as it burns you all alive

It comes with a force

That cannot be ignored

For even anger is a Gift of the Gods

Don’t worry father already warned me of your mischief

So I rise

In his power I rise

A power to be reckoned with as I rise.






Cattle die Kinsmen die

You yourself die

I know one thing Which never dies

The judgement of a dead mans life…

Norse Poem from   The Hávamál

Author- Saemund Sigfusson


The Hávamál means

                 WORDS OF THE HIGH ONE

                 Sayings of the one eyed

 Written in AD 700-900

From the Eddaic poems/ The Eddas….. 



-Wisdom of the North                               -Warrior wisdom


I bow down to the owl that hoots

I boy down to the power of El Morya

As the fathers of the night join us

As I release a power never seen before

As I rise

A step never seen before

As the owl hoots

A resonance appears

A roar of the night is released

As  a mother sighs

As the holly speak

I rise

As mother knows all

For father is here

As a moment is felt

The winds arise

As only the ones realize

As they walk a path never seen before

A walk of silence

As they endure

For they are the Gods of Chaos

As they rise

As I rise


I rise

As father rises

I rise

I’mma show you am

As I dance up a storm

As storm is my mother

For she cradled me to mother earth

So here I rise

In my mother land

Of Oh Canada

As I rise

Through these mighty mountains

As the arctic winds arrive

As the crackle of the arctic is no foreigner to me

As I rise

As the ice arrives

I fire up

As fire is my legend

As I rise







Merry Christmas



I have a lot on my mind

As I see my sisters burn

As this is nothing new to me

As I am a child of Oh Canada

As I see my sisters burn

So I rise

To my sisters

As we burn

As this is nothing new to me

As I shine

I rise

As I call my sisters

To rise

I burn a trail for you all to see

As this has become our power

As we rise

For we leave a legacy of fire

As you burn us alive

As I rise

As my sisters Rise

I rise

In our hell fires we burn

As we rise

As my sisters rise

I rise

I’mma show you how we roar

In the hell fires that you created for us

As I return from the dead

A burning legacy

As we rise

Fire my mother

As I rise

I’mma burn like the sun as I rise

As I call for my sisters to rise

Through the ages they have burnt us, just for being women

For showing you the power God has given us

As we rise

As they use our femininity against us

As we rise

I see my sisters burning

As I rise

For this is a world problem

So I rise





Photographer- Unknown

Source :

O Canada

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all of us command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!

From far and wide,
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.


-I post our national anthem. As we loose a warrior.  A man who already lost his life for us. Who fought for us. Even in death he helps us. Wake up Canada! As we loose our warriors. As they have already battled wars for us. As we loose our culture in our famine as we turn to hate. A brother veteran once taught me that when a Bear is hungry it will attack anyone.

Ken Chan…

I stand up today in honor of this mans life as I sing the national anthem. As you take away our jobs and the future of our children. As our babies go to school hungry.

Ken Chan is right… people have become disrespectful.


If we do not honor our warriors. Those that put their lives in the hands of death. As they fight for the freedom of Canada. What else do we have left?

When the bombs drop and our warriors are gone.

When we didn’t give them homes because of their ethnic backgrounds or religious beliefs. As we forget the heritages that are woven into our Canadian land. Now that they are dying of diseases caused by war.

In both Canada and America so many of our veterans are going hungry on the streets. Our Lieutenants have no food in their bellies. As they eat fish out of radiation filled lakes. Water your hands could never touch. As even a drop would cause harm.

As the poppies drop and turn to black.

We loose a father today.

In the name of all

For the Freedom of all.

As they marched into the face of death in the name of us all

As the Canadian flag flies strong and free. RED…. In the blood of our soldiers as we loose them for we did not do our part.

Canada comes in many faces. We have forgotten our own legacy. As hate rises.

May we stand up in the name of love. In the name of all. Under one flag. in the name of all. As we roar a beat that OOHHH only a Canadian can dance out.

How sad so soon after November 11 right before Christmas we loose a Canada father. He protected us. We couldn’t even offer him love. Or respect.

This is a moment of shame for all of us Canadians.

May the angels drop roses on his grave.



Political debate postponed after man dies by suicide on steps of Alberta legislature




I see the same people who were fighting for the rights of Syrians fighting for the rights of children and our elderly today. Those that were complaining about helping the Syrian refugees  sit quiet today. Then the silent ones used the excuse of money being taken away for our elderly and veterans.  As our elderly care and the future of our children is being taken away. As our veterans sacrifice their lives once again. As they come in all faces.



55399-55399-image-55399-marlene poppy

Photographer- Unknown


As fires crash

I’mma throw you a melody never seen before

Rain of fire

Fires crash

Mother Rise

Sisters call

As I arise

I’mma show you a world

never seen before

As I arise

As I speak into existence

A power never seen before

As I roar a beat

Never seen before

As I arise



As my sister giggles

in the cosmos

floors of stardust as an…

As the angels gather

As life takes place

My ancestors gather

As we dance anew

As the time has come

For they have found me

For they come from the other side

As I sit amongst them

They smile

As I walk a dance

I show you anew

melody of wonder

as they ancient ones gather.