Genesis 5:26-6:16

Genesis 5:26-6:16

We live on the mistakes of our ancestors as well in the glories of our ancestors. Wether it be sin or good they effect the lineage as it goes on.

The sons of the true god started to notice the daughters of men.

My spirit shall not act indefinitely in that he is also flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to a hundred and twenty years.

120 years


The Nephilim it says, “…proved to be in the earth”

When the sons of God had children with the women of earth. So here there is a difference in those that are merely the women of earth and those that are the sons of God. These children that they produce “…they were the mighty ones who were of old, the men of fame.”

If you look towards society there are always those that are strangely gifted whether it be in strength or skills that we say this man is kissed by God or do things that most couldn’t even imagine. Since the bible is also written and understood by men I would personally say this concept doesn’t just transcend to just men and perhaps it was never meant to be categorized as just men given the era it was translated in. (Sometimes our small minds can be too literal and may not grasp the writers intent and we miss the point since God also did create Eve in case we forgot.) Even the women in any religion or spiritual beliefs seem to be discarded regardless of the importance they held in shaping society or to our prophets. For example Mary Magdalene. Look at all the horrible things or judgment we place apon Mary Magdalene although Jesus Christ chose to appear to her before he shows himself to anyone when he comes back from death. So there are always those that are amongst us that exhibit talent that is not of this world perhaps those children are the offspring of such beings. Including those that reach fame. Those that even reach fame are regarded as Gods are they not if we think about it. Everyone wants to be them regardless of what plight they had to reach such levels of adoration. They seem to be seperate then the rest of society the pedestal we humans place them apon not anyone else. but we do or is it just their own enerrgies that reach out to us that make us feel so. Since we are sensitive creatures we feel things that can not be explained. Is it ONLY the devil that graces us with gifts of fame? Is it not possible the lord himself or the angles can sing through those that are amongst us. Talents of the Gods….?

Tzadikim Nistrim ( The 36 righteous ones) It is believed Mozart was one of the Tzadikim Nistrim. Although a belief of Judaism much of the beliefs to filter through to one another.

Are they truly fallen angels because man can not believe that perhaps they could even be the ones that came seem to save earth from destruction. The ones that come to do their part by just living.

I’m not sure why it say’s true God when there is only one God? Again these are translations but there is also only one true god.

the mighty ones who were of old the men of fame. The children of those men who were the sons of the true god.

Jehovah felt hurt at his heart that he had made men on earth because the badness of man was abundant.

Noah found favor in the eyes of God while he wanted to wipe out all men and animals and creatures of the heavens

it is violence that causes God to erase all on earth that hurts his heart.

50 cubits is width and 30 its height, 300 cubits the length of the ark made of resinous tree and covered with tar. A 3 story ship…


Deluge of waters… God cleanses earth with water… water holly water and water is always used to purify

establish my covenant with you

Covenant – A binding agreement

Genesis 4:24-5:25

“This is the book of Adams history”.

At 130 is when Adam fathers Seth

lives on for another 800 years

Infinity protected by holly powers a continuation set in place twice.

He lived for 930 years total.

One is the number of beginnings, setting something into place. Three comes up in all over the scriptures of the bible and many religions and faiths across the world. usually considered the number of the lord of protection and that you are on path with the light for the lord can only come in threes for one man can not be God example holly trinity.

Zero holds the power of continuation and is considered a number of God. A continuation of a lineage as he leaves earth.

Nines has the vibrations of thee, three times also nine is the setting of a era. We continue our patterns on a nine year era before it begins again.

Seth fathered Enosh at 105 years


Infinity set by gods miracles

912 years Seth

Five the number of change and twelve is an angelic number which also comes up with the Aquarian age and through out prophecies and spiritual leaders that have come and gone. And even separately one is always the flame and it requires two to set forth a change on earth that we require whether it be a spiritual change political or a revolution. Those that make a change on earth come in twos for it to be grounded

Enosh at 90 years fatheres Ke’nan

815 years

905 years all together

Ke’nan lived for 70 years and fathered Mahalalel


910 years in total

Mahalalel birthed Jared at 65 years

lived on for 830

899 in total

Jared fathered Enoch at 162 years

800 years

in total 962 years

Enoch lived 65 and fathered Methuselah

After fathering Methuselah he went on walking with the true god 300 years

While he lives he walks with God himself on earth destroying the sins of his ancestor.

Methuselah is sixth in his lineage six is also attributed to love. Did this attribution come from the walking with the true God for one must attain love within the holly to walk with the true God.

365 in total

..kept walking with the true god then he was no more for God took him. He goes back to the light… heaven. no more a wonderer of earth bringing a positive change to his lineage.

Again 300 a powerful number to be walking with God on a lineage that would set forth a holly foundation of light and protection finally on a lineage. That would bring it powerful omens.

Methuselah fathered 187 years La’mech


Here for the first time it changes from 8 infinity to 782. Although the 8 is still there. Miracles set in infinity that bring a grounded change

in total 969 and he died

La’mech 182 Noah

Then 595

And here the number is significantly less and no 8. And this is the first mention of Noah where his birth is not mentioned in the earlier passage but the other children are.

A change set in the eras to bring change (the prophecy child)

777 (anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance 7 times from Genesis 3:7- 4:7) Their is a completion here… positive miracles grounded within a lineage

Seven is usually the number of miracles. On the seventh day God completed his work uniting heaven and earth. It was on the seventh day God rested.

Lamech seventh in line in his lineage and lives on earth for seven hundred and seventy seven years.

“This one will bring us comfort from our work and from the pain of our hands resulting from the ground which Jehovah has cursed”

Noah brings redemption for the curse of God on his lineage those that walk in the light see things that others do not. For it was his Grand father Methuselah that walked with God for 300 years and even after death walked with God. Then a Grandson is born that is given a prophecy of the lord of forgiveness, redemption and of the light. Once Methuselah walks with God it is on the third line on his lineage since him that a prophecy is born.

500 years old Noah when he became father to Shem, Ham and Japeth

Where does this new lineage arise from?

A change is ordained in the holly powers of God itself. As three sons are born to the one of prophecy.

Numbers are important in the bible more then we would like to see or admit.

Genesis 4:3-23


So Adam and Eve have intercourse and then she is pregnant and gives birth to Cain and Abel

Cain name meaning- Spear; possessed

Abel name meaning- Breath; son; breathing spirit

Herder of sheep and cultivator of the ground. One brother takes care of nature and the other animals if you think about it.

Jehovah is more pleased with Abel than Cain. He brought his firstlings and fatty pieces while Cain brought fruit from the ground. Can you see the difference in their offerings. One is more gracious

God educates him on good and sin.

Because God already knows all.

Cain ends up killing his brother out of jealousy… (Is this not the beginning of human kinds sin)

“When you cultivate the ground, it will not give you back its power. A wonderer and a fugitive you will become in the earth”

He looses power of Mother Earth. He can not gain the power of earth so this would impact his seed. Bound to earth maybe no way back to Jehovah.

Anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance seven times

The land of fugitiveness to the east of Eden.

So here it says that the land of fugitiveness is to the East of Eden.

Where did Cains wife come from? Was she made in the same manner as his parents? And her name is not mentioned.

Enoch meaning is trained and vowed; dedicated and profound.

So Enoch’s lineage seems to go on.

I’rad- wild ass, heap of empire, dragon

Mehujael-Who proclaims God

Methushael -Who demands his death

La’mech- to make low

La’mech takes on two wives all of a sudden. A’dah and Zi’llah

A’dah- adornement

Zi’llah- Shade,Shadow

A whole bunch of children are born just in this one passage, the lineage of Cain.

Jabal- Which glides away

Jubal-Stream (Ram’s Horn)

Tubalcain- Cain’s spices

Na’amah- pleasant

Jabal son of A’dah the founder of those who dwell in tents and have livestock.

Jubal the founder of all those that handle the harp and the pipe.

Zi’lah gives birth to a son and daughter….Tubalcain and Na’a mah

Tubalcain the forger of every type of tool, copper and iron.

So here when La’mech composes words for his wife it seems someone has wounded him which required him to kill to this his response.

If seven times Cain is to be avenged then La’mech seventy times and seven.

Adam and Eve give birth to another child who’s name is Seth in place of Abel.

Seth- Apointed

Enosh- Human being

Here is when calling on God begins. Calling on the name of Jehovah

If you look at this passage there is 8 generations from Adam and Eve on Cains side. Before Adam and Eve have another baby that is appointed in place of Abel.

It is in the 7th generation that a killing occurs. Seven comes up a couple of times in this passage if you take note.

And it is also in the eighth generation that two wives are taken on as both the wives give birth to 2 offsprings and finally a daughter is born.

Number 4 is in general a number considered to be setting of foundations. In this fourth passage a lineage is born. A lineage setting roots a foundation. Cain also gets a head start at his lineage.

8 infinity never ending continuation.

Another notation reading through the passage there seem to already be people around other than the lineage of Adam and Eve as well. As Cain is worried someone will come and strike him. So Jehovah makes a sign for him to make sure he is safe.



Now the serpent proved to be the most cautious of all the wild beasts of the field that Jehovah God had made.

My question is why is he the most cautious and if he is the most cautious what does that mean? Someone who avoids risks… is careful.

So he’s a careful beast. talking to the first woman God made. He is not presented as a conniving creature or evil.

Knowing good and bad

As they eat from the tree they are suddenly aware of their own nudity as if it is a bad thing. Their innocence is gone.

Now they can sew….. And make loins out of figs… A knowledge that must come from somewhere perhaps this tree.

When they hear God walking through the garden it is his voice they hear walking through the garden during the breezy part of the day. In spiritual beliefs across the world breeze is known as something very sacred to God. Even to the point of being called the sister of God. The winds the sister of God. It is the winds that carry the voice of God. Sometimes when ones questions or prayers are answered such messages come from the winds. When God is angry then the winds come bringing a great storm destroying all.

“Who told you.. you were naked? “This is what God asks his children. Where as if we look through our own mankind history including religious history ones body is shamed. Especially a woman’s body. God seems to be mad that they fear their own nudity. This here shows it is man who created such fears not GOD.

Now they are afraid for God to see them in their original state. Hiding from God. where as before there is no fear. As we are born to our lives on earth we begin to fear God.

Jehovah God curses the serpent to his walk on his belly and dust it shall eat.

What does he mean when he puts enmity between the serpents seed and the woman’s seed?


No one ever mentions the curse that is placed on the serpent????

If you think about it historically serpents are considered a bad omen. Or if you call someone a serpant it means you cant trust him. Is this the enmity God creates through out the ages? Mankind does fear snakes.

He will bruise you in the head and she will bruise you in the heel.

Such powerful words spoken here. She will bruise you in the head… as the serpent is cursed to walk upon his belly on the ground and the snake bites the heels of humans when we accidentally hurt them or tread where we do not belong in their space.

God puts man out of the garden to cultivate the ground he was created from.. example farming. Now instead of being fead joyously man must work the land.

God speaks of him dominating her after eating from this tree

until you return to the ground.

As I read on I feel that God is speaking of life and death. that perhaps they were immortal and maybe even in heaven so now they must take birth and die

A cycle has begun as he also talks of her pregnancy pains.

when we take birth on earth we have no memory of God. so perhaps this is what he speaks of . the cycle of birth

The name Adam is introduced here and he calls her Eve because now she had to become the mother everyone living. “HAD TO” Responsibilities are given out to them.

live till time indefinite

to cultivate the ground from which he was taken

cherubs and a flaming blade are posted in the east of the garden. East is mentioned here again to guard the tree of life. the tree of knowledge is also the tree of life.

Tree of life

Meaning of Adam- In hebrew son of the red earth

Meaning of Eve- in Hebrew To breath ( one can not breath without a mother giving them birth) A mother gives a child life … breath.

Side note I already want to read the passage in its original language this makes me want to read it even more. I personally feel there is much more we are missing here but thats my own thoughts so far.

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30th we are wearing orange in honor of the Canadian babies that were found in graves. On their own land who could not wear the clothes of their own country. Speak the language of Canada. Or pray on their own land in how the spirit manifested as it was required. Phyllis Webstad from the nation of Stswecem’c Xgat’tem. She arrived to her residential school wearing an orange shirt.  They stripped her of everything.

Orange is a color of sacrifice sometimes worn into war in cultures across the world when the warriors are ready to lay down their lives. It is also so in the native culture.

In native culture it is also the color of fire… creation…. recreation….. represents the sun.

Here check out a little bit about her.

May we rise in the embers of all that fuel us as as a people as a nation as we rise in love in the mistakes of our ancestors. As we make a better way from the wrongs we have done. May our hearts consume all that is wrong as we ferociously spread the fire of sacrifice. May we never have to make the same sacrifices ever again…..

May we gather around the ferocious fires of sacrifice as the blood of our children is on our land. Big brothers children their blood on our hands. May we respect those that allowed our freedom as we took theirs. As we tore children from the wombs of their mothers. I bow in reverence to such a beautiful sacrifice as we answered their love with death. As we brought disease an answer to their kindness. May we eat as one under the sun for we are all children of our land.

I ignite the flame that beats the drum beat of the warriors that stand in truth in honor of all. Laying down their own lives without a single thought. For when the time comes just as the 3 Bears rise we rise. In the power of all. I ignite thee in sacrifice …..



1:22 – 2:9

God came to rest on the 7th day from all his work he had made. And God proceeded to bless the seventh day and make it sacred…..

How does one bless and make it sacred?

Does the Bible describe how such a task transpired? What would one envision in such a moment?

Jehova God???

What does Jehovah mean and where does it come from?

What are the original languages the original bible is written in?

Biblical Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew and Greek

Jehovah comes from Hebrew and Greek and even Biblical Aramaic all though there are some debates on how it is truly pronounced. Jehovah is the nature of God. In original Hebrew Jehovah was only pronounced on the day of attonement Yom-Kippur.

It refers to Yahweh’s ability to keep covenants and promises

Take a look at this link and it will give you good insight into the history of Gods name.

It is only in the new testament the name Jehovah is removed.

Before rain or humans were even created it was a mist that came up from the earth itself that watered the ground

Humans from dust as he blew winds into our nostrils the breath of life

God put man and the tree of knowledge in the East.

Why the east and not any other direction?

What does the east represent?

And where is the east? Even on a materialistic realm in a world sense. Where is the east?

The east represents knowledge and the way of the past. Within spiritual and magical practices the east is faced to Awaken spiritual awareness, wisdom and personal awareness

The wise men saw the star of Jesus in the east as they traveled east to the messiah. It is said that the messiah is also born in the east. Isreal is in the east.

The tabernacle and the Angel Cherubim are placed in the direction of east.

Who is magnificent Cherubim… we will get into that later, we must.

once the four headed river is created the Bible mentions Gold, bdellium gum, and the onyx stone.

(Links revised later)

Many claim there is no mention of stones in the Bible nor are they good. But here it says that the gold of the land of the first river Pishon… The gold of the land is good.

Why gold that is good and why bdellium gum and why the onyx stone when the earth is created. After man was created God continues to create the river then specifically stones before vegetation. Is the Almighty not deliberate in ones creation?

What do Gold bdellium gum and onyx stone represent and mean or what is its importance in creation?

Gold spiritually has great power. All that consists in this world transmit energy and frequencies. Gold is the master attainment to all that is in the purity of the holly lord.

People say there is no mention of incense in the Bible but what is bdellium gum?

Bdellium gum is myrrh which is used in perfumery and in incense.

Onyx historicyally is protection from evil.

Creates a strong connection between earth and the heavens as God created earth and the heavens. In order to unite them.

Pishon River encircles the land of Havilah where there is gold

Second River Gihon encircles Cush

Third river Hiddekel going to the east of Assyria.

Fourth river Euphrates

God gave man the privilege of naming each living soul…. the beasts of the ground and flying creatures of the heavens.

In deep sleep that the lord puts him in is when man makes a woman from his rib which is meant to complement man.

How important is ones ribs especially in battlefield. What do we protect?

This is the importance of a woman and what she should mean to man.

It was God that created her not him. Man merely gave God his rib from a sleep that was induced by Jehovah himself. Man created from dust.

both of them must become one flesh. One soul. They represent one soul union in the spiritual sense and literal here in the Bible.

The creation of soul and of sacred union.

They were not ashamed of their nudity when the Lord created them. Where does being ashamed of ones body come from? Not in our creation when the lord created humans.

Elections SMH

In todays century our elections have not been updated to our current era where all can vote. Without inconveniences that have been created. We should be able to walk in and vote anywhere.

Do they want our vote???

Will they lead you to the wrong voting offices?

Will they make sure certain areas are not updated to their addresses online?

Yes our votes do matter. Trump became president didn’t he and changed EVERYTHING over night. Don’t get too comfortable thinking I’ll be gone when it impacts me. Selfish thinking.

Look around…..

Who will emerge from this chaos in its truth?

Only the strong will survive… Mentally, physically and spiritually….

Our schools are missing the lettering of their names????? We are showing the children we do not care enough to even put the name of their schools on display….

When you walk to school and see the letters gone… What does this say to our children?????????????

And if we didn’t even care to place the names of their schools, where else are we going wrong?

Does it really matter…..?

Does it really matter what words we use…..

Science…….. God…… Source….. One Love…… Matter…… Energy….. Universal Energies…….. Nothing… etc……


As the times have changed language has changed. The words we use …. the meanings have changed.

Our comprehension our journeys an enlightenment of its own…..

Always bowing to one selves understanding in our own growth.

Can you learn from inside a box?

When reading any text should we not read from the era they were written in?

Gay used to mean happy.

When reading old literature the words gay are still written under such contents. Anyone that is not from that era and never took the time to understand would not understand old text written in such format.

My purpose here is not to make anyone believe in God. Such is not my place in this universe. Nor do I personally care if one believes or not. I do though believe in knowledge and there is no place for misinformation in this world. Misinformation or wrong understandings Create more harm than good. But I will open up the scriptures for you as we come together to read. Scriptures known as the words of God. And nor will we stop at these scriptures alone.

Let us learn.

P.S God and source mean the same thing. If you believe God is different then the words source then you have not taken the time to understand either of these man made words….. language.

Love You all…. May we always grow in love as we bow to our own reverence and allow our inner lights to exceed all that is possible and infinite.