Genesis 14:9-15:4

Genesis 14:9- 15:4

After the Great War and the riches have been divided Jehovah comes to Abram offering protection and much more.


“Do not fear, Abram. I am a shield for you. Your reward will be very great.”

Man of Damascus, Eilezer.

“A son of my household is succeeding me as heir.”

Abram talks to God of his own offspring that he does not have. As the conversation goes God speaks of granting him this wish.

“He now brought him outside and said: Look up, please, to the heavens and count the stars, if you are possibly able to count them. “

“So your seed will become”

“And he put faith in Jehovah; and he proceeded to count it to him as righteousness.”

take it in possession

(The sacred number 3)

Three year old Heifer ( represent fertility)

Three year old she goat (Virility, fertility and sexuality)

Three year old Ram (Procreative forces, New beginnings)

Turtledove (Represent Love, devoted partners, innocence)

Young Pigeon (Love and fertility, home and security, resilience)

If you look at the meanings of these animals and what they represent then you begin to understand what these sacrifices meant in this ritual of God. The same rituals we condemn other religions and faiths for. the Bible is riddled with such rituals yet when others cultures, faith and religions do them we look down upon them and judge. The same beliefs that are being upheld in the places the Bible took place. When they all intertwine to the same knowledge that we refused to understand when we did not even understand what we ourselves are standing on. What a shame… Closed minds. One can not learn from inside a box, especially spirituality which can not be contained nor is it meant for the ordinary mind. One must rise to the heavens to find the answers to even get a glimpse of what is beyond our material realm.

Rituals are usually used as a sort of manifestation to bring what we need forth on the material plane as a spiritual source. Supported by prayers of light they are very powerful. Done in darkness will work. But the ripple effects of what we do come back to us just as ferociously. Especially if done to those of prayer and light. Such things hold no domain on them. And their shield which is the almighty Lord himself is what one will have to answer to. (Do you really want to be boomeranged by God?)

Magic of God a term we no longer understand.

Give and you receive in abundance. Take and reap what you sow. If you hurt someone then it comes bak 10 folds and if you hurt the holly 100 folds. Leading to catastrophic ends.

Alien residents (So the term is coined)

They will certainly afflict them for 400 years.

“The nation they will serve I am judging.”

Judgment of nations as the lord sends his people out to foreign lands that become their homes . Migration…. immigrants… aliens. Countries nations will be judged by God for those he sent out to foreign lands by his own will.

Error of the Amorites has not yet come to completion. (A foreseeing)

This passage is a warning and declaration of covenants between the people of God and the judgment God shall pass upon us .How we treat the aliens of our land….. the immigrants or non residents. He surely will judge the nations they show up to… For they were sent by him.

40o years . A setting of foundations supported by God in a lineage.

As they rise to their riches in return.

God assures his son Abram of all that he shall give to his lineage in a foreign land. The land that God created. His right to give. The insecurities that come with finding a new home. Reassured by father. As he is also assured of a peaceful death reunited with his forefathers.

“…..You will go to your forefathers in peace….”

Genesis 13:5- 14-8

So begin the wars of kingdoms as the world has created its own kingdoms on earth after the great floods.

In the 13th year. A number that comes up throughout spiritual history time in and again through out the world regardless of faith.

Usually linked with chaos and continuation of harvest in the name of the lord usually through chaos as well.

(Tera tera tera tera tera tera (Gurmukhi))

Amraphel King of Shinar

Arioch King of Elasar

Chedoralaomer King of Elam

Tidal King of Goi’im

Bera King of Sodom

Birsha King of Gomorrah

Shinar King of Admah

Shemeber King of Zeboim

Zo’ar King of Bela

Chedorlaomer they all served at one time under his flagship before they separate and create their separate alliances and war begins of separation. After 12 years of one rule.

Victory came to the 5 kings against the 4.

Abram was in Sodom

Abram’s brothers son was dwelling in Sodom where they were taken captive amongst their goods.

As Abram is sent word of his brothers defeat and captivity he rises and sends out 318 of his trained slaves, which he sends in pursuit and defeats them recovering the people and goods..

King of Salem Melchizedek- Priest of the most high God.

It does not matter what ancestors a man or woman comes from or lineage a righteous soul is a righteous soul… It is the ego of man that says that one was better. Although the presence of King Melchizedek is not mentioned much it seems after him it is Jesus Christ that follows in the priesthood lineage of God. The righteous one. The fact that Christ and Melchizedek were of two different beliefs and lineages this only shows the unity and selection of Gods priesthood in true light rather than by birth or origin. This is also known as the Guru concept when the light is passed on to the next Guru… They have their roles as a whole.

His importance is set early in the Bible before his predecessor because that is his role and he blesses Abram.

Abram does not accept anything with the oath of God does not take anything that is not his. Just the shares of his men.

It seems that it is important that it is only God that makes him rich. He accepts the riches of the Pharaoh from the previous passage but not of King Melchizedek. Why is that?

The Pharaoh who he judged on one hand and then King Melchizedek who he is blessed by.

So that the king can not say it was him who made Abram rich.

Given that Abram always connects with God before he travels or even when he receives his riches there may be unforeseen visions we do not see here.

Ener, Eshcol and Mamre their shares the ones he holds allegiance with.

He gives the king a tenth of the shares but the king gives it all to him except he takes the souls. So you see here two holly men righteously taking and dividing all that is theirs or not. You see no greed here with the men of God.

Genesis 12:2- 13:4

Genesis 12:2- 13:4

So Abram is on his way out of Egypt the place he judged out of fear which for women can be true fears. Heavily stocked with herds of silver and gold, as we have learned from the pharaoh that could of killed him if he wished. He did not need to send him off with all the gifts he was bestowed upon by the Pharaoh despite his lie which was deception. He reaches his original alter made in honor of Jehovah.

As their wealth grew by the grace of God and his journey set by the lord himself. Too much together as a people quarrels arise.

Jehovah brings So’dom and Gomorrah to ruin, the brothers his people separate. The lot move to the east as they are given first choice.

“And I will constitute your seed like the dust particles of the earth, so that, if man could be able to count the dust particles of the earth, then your seed could be numbered.”

So they end up in Mamre where he builds an altar to Jehovah.

These alters hold great spiritual significance to his journey and the setting of his family in the name of God. Spirtual anchors in Mother Earth. Greatful for their family anchors giving thanks to God. It holds power and brings forth much into this world and connection to the spiritual realms where he even comes back to his alters and calls to God where he I heard and given spiritual advice.

Genesis 11:19- 12:1

Genesis 11:19- 12:1

Abram and Sarai and family

so the lord sais go your way out of your country and prove yourself a blessing.

Why this journey???

Spiritual symbolisms of our journeys even today.

Jehovah blesses those that blesses him and curses those that call down evil upon him. Such is the case for those that are blessed by the lord even today.

By means of you … blessings of families and the ground they walk. such a privilege and blessing does Abram have in the eyes of God.

Alters being made the ones we curse in other religions in the name of christ and the Bible… What is the difference???

The land of Canaan is given to his seed as he is on this God ordained journey.

So there is a plague in the land that was blessed upon them. From here they they journey along to Egypt to find a home. Here he tells his wife Sarai to act as his sister because of her beauty and he may live. Such is the case sometimes but as you read this passage and they are taken to the house of Pharaoh and they are treated as royalty on her account.

The Pharaoh was about to take Sarai as his wife. But Jehovah touches his land with plague. This great Pharaoh knows right away that she is his wife. Even though Abram has brought plague to his land and he still has the chance and opportunity to kill him. Does he? he can still kill him and take his wife. But he allows them to leave.

They escort them and their belongings out. With what he had in mind does not occur. The Pharaoh seem to understand the will of God and allows them to leave intact and seems to be frustrated at not knowing the truth. Perhaps judgement of them is passed here as they entered their land.

Lessons of judgement and honor.


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Genesis 10:13- 11:8

Genesis 10:13- 11:8

Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of one set of words.

In the previous passage The Bible speaks of nations and many tongue. Which in those days ment language. So now the earth continued… to be of one language and set of words. A contradiction or does it mean something else… the language of love???? Set Of words???

More coming ……

“A tower with its top in the heavens… “(Why a mention of the heavens and need for such a thing)

Here comes the building of civilization literally from the foundation up.

“…..Celebrated name for ourselves for we nay be scattered over all the surface of the earth.”

“And Jehovah proceeded go down to see the city and the tower that the sons of men had built.”

One people one language but yet but there is still one another language…. so ????

So Jehovah deliberately confuses them so that things aren’t as attainable?

The fear of being scattered comes true… So they knew such a moment would come. As the lord scattered them across the world and the city being built is incomplete.

Like a teacher that makes things harder the ultimate teacher.

Too easy my children bam now I’m going to scatter you. 😉

History of Shem

Ur of Chaldeans

Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of one set of words.

In the previous passage The Bible speaks of nations and many tongue. Which in those days ment language. So now the earth continued… to be of one language and set of words. A contradiction or does it mean something else… the language of love???? Set Of words???

More coming ……

Genesis 9:17-10:12

And this is the history of Noah’s sons Shem, Ham and Japeth. (And establishment or 3 lineages under him)

From these the population of the isles of the nations was spread about in their lands, each according to its tongue, according to their families, by their nations.

According to their tongues what does that mean???

In old English it mean according to their language. So in just the 10th passage in grave importance the different nations and languages that were established in just one family is mentioned. Yet we fight over differences.

So Ham’s son Cush … It is his brother that is cursed by Noah lets keep in mind

Ham has three sons Cush Mizraim and Put and Ca’naan

It is here it seems that Cush fathers Nimrod

He makes a start in becoming the mighty one in the earth.

“He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.”

So he calls himself the mighty one against God and establishes a Kingdom against GOD as follows…

And the beginning of his kingdom came to be Babel and Erech and Accad and Calneh in the land of Shinar. Out of the land of Shinar. Out of that land he went forth into Assyria and set himself to building Ninevah and Rehoboth Ir and Ca’lah and Re’sen between Ninevah and Ca’lah this is the great city

“And Mizraim became father to Ludim and Anamim and Lehabim and Naphtuhim and Pathrusim and Casluhim (from among whom the Philistines went forth) and Caphtorim.”


the Bible is a complicated study that needs to be studied and much can be missed. Not an easy feat. That will also requiring going back to passages to go deeper and deeper. Just like the ocean not all can be taken in at one glance.

What is the point of the naming of these lineages that are coming to grow like trees.

In this passage a family the one that was cursed by God’s favorite dares to set himself up against God. A recipe for disaster would’nt you say?

Which seems to be the establishment as these families grow after the great flood that destroyed all.

The families of the Ca’naan were scattered. Ca’naanite boundaries Sidon, Ge’rar near Gaza as far as Ad’mah, Zeboi’im near Lasha.

These are families and their genealogies, who went where and who became who. All from the family of Noah that went into the world and became their own people that had different beliefs and ways of life and even languages. The different genealogies that were set forth. They were certainly not the same which is said again and again in this passage.

When the division of the earth that is mentioned here in this passage. Could this refer to Nimrod as he bestows himself up against Jehovah…(God) (Through the centuries we have used many names for God)

The people of earth choosing sides. Jehovah God or the mighty hunter Nimrod. He establishes his Kingdoms in opposition force solidifying his cause and motives.

“He displayed himself a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. That is why there is a saying: “Just like Nimrod a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah.” “

Genesis 8:16-9:16

Genesis 8:16-9:16

“And a fear of you and a terror of you will continue upon every flying creature of the earth and the heavens, upon everything that goes moving on the ground, and upon the fishes of the sea.”

“Into your hand they are now given.”

And as for me, here I am establishing my covenant with you men and with your offspring after you…..

My rainbow I do give in the cloud, and it must serve as the sign of a covenant between me and the earth. And it shall occur that when I bring a cloud over the earth, then the rainbow will certainly appear in the cloud.

And I shall certainly remember my covenant which is between me and you and every living soul among all flesh; and no more will the waters become a deluge to bring all flesh to ruin.

And the rainbow must occur in the cloud and must certainly see it to remember the covenant to time indefinite between God and every living soul among all flesh that is upon the earth

Sooo Noah has been intoxicated by wine and falls asleep. His offspring ends up covering him up and upon awakening he sais to his offspring…

Cursed be Ca’naan Let him become the lowest slave to his brothers. And he added Jehovah, Shem’s God. And let Ca’naan become a slave to him

It was Ca’naan’s father Ham that noticed the nakedness of his father which causes his father to curse his child Ca’naan. Paying for the sins of his father. And make him the lowest he seems to be forgiving to the rest because they just followed suit. But if you look at the beginning of the Bible as well. The passage where Adam and Eve notice their own nakedness it was then that God was mad. Even here is when Noah the one favored by God becomes enraged and curses the offspring of the one who notices. The other two brothers do not even enter looking. So they seem to be spared.

As much as we use religion God and especially the Bible to cover up especially woman. It seems God has a problem with those that notice the shame of being naked, They seem to be cast out of heaven or cursed by those that are in favor of God. So right here in the beginning a point we all seem to miss it sai’s other wise. Those that look on with a non innocent eye at our bodies are the ones that seem to be cursed and out of favor with God. Hes naked in his vineyard and God does not seem to have a problem with our naked flesh. But time in and out through out the ages a woman’s body especially is shamed in the name of God through out the world. When it simply sais here if you notice it you are condemned by God and definelty will see his rage and face the consequences of such thinking. How do we miss this point here, this lesson?

Genesis 2:10-3:6

“Who told you that you were naked?”

“What is is this that you have done?”

It is when we loose our innocence and see with the eyes of lust when we loose the favor of God and the curses rain on us.

Their are countless stories of saints through out the world when one becomes so intoxicated in God himself they dont realize the nakedness of their body. do not feel shame of it. Whey should we? Those that impose this shame on others will be punished by God and thrown out of heaven. The stories across the world are often scrutinized if they are even real or legit by those that do not want to believe one so intoxicated by God would be sitting around or running around naked. It is their small lustfull minds that can not see beyond.

350 after the deluge

950 years and he died

Thier’s a lesson here as well in Genesis 2:10-3:3

Genesis 7:18-8:15

Genesis 7:18- 8:15

After the 150 days God remembers Noah and all those that are in the ark. He brings forth wind that subsides the waters. Why not bring out the Sun? Why winds?

7th month 17th day of the month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ar’arat

The waters continue to lessen until the 10th month.

“In the 10th of the month on the first of the month, the tops of the mountains appeared.”

New beginnings supported by God. Mountains also show and is symbolizes as the power of God. Just as the Mountains are present and powerful so is the power of God. A mountain just is… you can not denying their energies their power as they stand silently and mighty.

Again at the end of 40 days Noah opens the window of the ark.

Why a raven and not any other bird that is better suited for the job. Why not the king of the sky’s a falcon or a eagle. Ravens are closely linked to death and the underworld

Then a dove… the bird of love. He puts his own hand out for the dove when the dove finds no resting spot for its feet.

7 days he waits until he sends the dove out again and a fresh olive leaf is stuck to his bill this time when he returns. Noah waits another 7 days but this time the dove does not return.

601st year in the 1st month on the 1st day of the month on the 27th day of the month the earth dries off. and until finally god speaks to Noah to allow him and all that are within the ark out.

Would you have the patience to wait for Gods word to allow you out? Would his ancestors other then Enoch of had the patience or his ancestor Cain had the patience to wait? Theirs a reason why those he favors or those that walk with him are chosen to do his work.

Once Noah comes out of the ark he builds an alter to Jehovah on which he puts burnt offerings. What are burnt offerings???? Items of mother nature perhaps that can be burnt at this alter. ( Yet women are condemned for such practices or spiritual beliefs of others that one chooses to impose hate apon in the name of the bible.)

“And Jehovah began to smell a restful odor, and so Jehovah said in his heart: Never again shall I call down evil upon the ground on man’s account, because the inclination of the heart of man is bad from his youth up; and never again shall I deal every living thing a blow just as I have done.”

Noah’s incense reaches God.

Genesis 6:17-7:17

Genesis 6:17- 7:17

“Noah was 600 years old when the deluge of waters occurred on the earth.”

“They went in by twos to Noah inside the ark, male and female, just as God had commanded Noah.”

They enter not alone or not by randoms but beside each other male and female. Sire and its mate.

“And Seven days later it turned out that the waters of the deluge came upon the earth.”

Here the significance of 7 again. Seventh day God completed his work and then rested. Here on the Seventh day God chooses to bring his wrath apon earth. Cleanse the earth of all that was not righteous. The violence that had hurt him that made him regret creating man. Why water and not fire? Waters that rain down from heaven and fire that is the chore of Mother earth…. Both different forms of purification.

600th year… in Noahs life…. in the 2nd month on the 17th day of the month.

What calendar was used for biblical times?

The calendars we use today is a new invention. Our 12 month calendar did not exist in this era. Nor is it aligned or truly accurate with the stars. It has faults. The olden day calendars correspond perfectly with the galaxies. Calendars made when supposedly there was no technological advances in society. Or any way to see into the stars as we do today.

…On this day all the springs of the vast watery deep were brocken open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

And the down pour upon the earth went on for fourty days and fourty nights.

4 the setting of foundations supported by God.

Noah witnesses the down pour of the heavens for 40 days and nights before him and everyone that was to enter according to God the ark with him.

“…In which the force of life was active.”

“After that Jehovah shut the door behind him.”

God himself shuts the door of the ark behind them not Noah not any human or any animal but God himself.

Why do those that believe in the cross no longer use the name Jehovah other then Jehovah witnesses although clearly it was the name used to call on God?

So much water by 40 days and going that the Mountains are even covered with water.

Nothing but water…..

150 days the floods last taking over everything. The “breath of the force of life that was active” is wiped out. Every living creature faces its death.