Genesis 14:9-15:4

Genesis 14:9- 15:4

After the Great War and the riches have been divided Jehovah comes to Abram offering protection and much more.


“Do not fear, Abram. I am a shield for you. Your reward will be very great.”

Man of Damascus, Eilezer.

“A son of my household is succeeding me as heir.”

Abram talks to God of his own offspring that he does not have. As the conversation goes God speaks of granting him this wish.

“He now brought him outside and said: Look up, please, to the heavens and count the stars, if you are possibly able to count them. “

“So your seed will become”

“And he put faith in Jehovah; and he proceeded to count it to him as righteousness.”

take it in possession

(The sacred number 3)

Three year old Heifer ( represent fertility)

Three year old she goat (Virility, fertility and sexuality)

Three year old Ram (Procreative forces, New beginnings)

Turtledove (Represent Love, devoted partners, innocence)

Young Pigeon (Love and fertility, home and security, resilience)

If you look at the meanings of these animals and what they represent then you begin to understand what these sacrifices meant in this ritual of God. The same rituals we condemn other religions and faiths for. the Bible is riddled with such rituals yet when others cultures, faith and religions do them we look down upon them and judge. The same beliefs that are being upheld in the places the Bible took place. When they all intertwine to the same knowledge that we refused to understand when we did not even understand what we ourselves are standing on. What a shame… Closed minds. One can not learn from inside a box, especially spirituality which can not be contained nor is it meant for the ordinary mind. One must rise to the heavens to find the answers to even get a glimpse of what is beyond our material realm.

Rituals are usually used as a sort of manifestation to bring what we need forth on the material plane as a spiritual source. Supported by prayers of light they are very powerful. Done in darkness will work. But the ripple effects of what we do come back to us just as ferociously. Especially if done to those of prayer and light. Such things hold no domain on them. And their shield which is the almighty Lord himself is what one will have to answer to. (Do you really want to be boomeranged by God?)

Magic of God a term we no longer understand.

Give and you receive in abundance. Take and reap what you sow. If you hurt someone then it comes bak 10 folds and if you hurt the holly 100 folds. Leading to catastrophic ends.

Alien residents (So the term is coined)

They will certainly afflict them for 400 years.

“The nation they will serve I am judging.”

Judgment of nations as the lord sends his people out to foreign lands that become their homes . Migration…. immigrants… aliens. Countries nations will be judged by God for those he sent out to foreign lands by his own will.

Error of the Amorites has not yet come to completion. (A foreseeing)

This passage is a warning and declaration of covenants between the people of God and the judgment God shall pass upon us .How we treat the aliens of our land….. the immigrants or non residents. He surely will judge the nations they show up to… For they were sent by him.

40o years . A setting of foundations supported by God in a lineage.

As they rise to their riches in return.

God assures his son Abram of all that he shall give to his lineage in a foreign land. The land that God created. His right to give. The insecurities that come with finding a new home. Reassured by father. As he is also assured of a peaceful death reunited with his forefathers.

“…..You will go to your forefathers in peace….”

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