Genesis 13:5- 14-8

So begin the wars of kingdoms as the world has created its own kingdoms on earth after the great floods.

In the 13th year. A number that comes up throughout spiritual history time in and again through out the world regardless of faith.

Usually linked with chaos and continuation of harvest in the name of the lord usually through chaos as well.

(Tera tera tera tera tera tera (Gurmukhi))

Amraphel King of Shinar

Arioch King of Elasar

Chedoralaomer King of Elam

Tidal King of Goi’im

Bera King of Sodom

Birsha King of Gomorrah

Shinar King of Admah

Shemeber King of Zeboim

Zo’ar King of Bela

Chedorlaomer they all served at one time under his flagship before they separate and create their separate alliances and war begins of separation. After 12 years of one rule.

Victory came to the 5 kings against the 4.

Abram was in Sodom

Abram’s brothers son was dwelling in Sodom where they were taken captive amongst their goods.

As Abram is sent word of his brothers defeat and captivity he rises and sends out 318 of his trained slaves, which he sends in pursuit and defeats them recovering the people and goods..

King of Salem Melchizedek- Priest of the most high God.

It does not matter what ancestors a man or woman comes from or lineage a righteous soul is a righteous soul… It is the ego of man that says that one was better. Although the presence of King Melchizedek is not mentioned much it seems after him it is Jesus Christ that follows in the priesthood lineage of God. The righteous one. The fact that Christ and Melchizedek were of two different beliefs and lineages this only shows the unity and selection of Gods priesthood in true light rather than by birth or origin. This is also known as the Guru concept when the light is passed on to the next Guru… They have their roles as a whole.

His importance is set early in the Bible before his predecessor because that is his role and he blesses Abram.

Abram does not accept anything with the oath of God does not take anything that is not his. Just the shares of his men.

It seems that it is important that it is only God that makes him rich. He accepts the riches of the Pharaoh from the previous passage but not of King Melchizedek. Why is that?

The Pharaoh who he judged on one hand and then King Melchizedek who he is blessed by.

So that the king can not say it was him who made Abram rich.

Given that Abram always connects with God before he travels or even when he receives his riches there may be unforeseen visions we do not see here.

Ener, Eshcol and Mamre their shares the ones he holds allegiance with.

He gives the king a tenth of the shares but the king gives it all to him except he takes the souls. So you see here two holly men righteously taking and dividing all that is theirs or not. You see no greed here with the men of God.

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