Genesis 12:2- 13:4

Genesis 12:2- 13:4

So Abram is on his way out of Egypt the place he judged out of fear which for women can be true fears. Heavily stocked with herds of silver and gold, as we have learned from the pharaoh that could of killed him if he wished. He did not need to send him off with all the gifts he was bestowed upon by the Pharaoh despite his lie which was deception. He reaches his original alter made in honor of Jehovah.

As their wealth grew by the grace of God and his journey set by the lord himself. Too much together as a people quarrels arise.

Jehovah brings So’dom and Gomorrah to ruin, the brothers his people separate. The lot move to the east as they are given first choice.

“And I will constitute your seed like the dust particles of the earth, so that, if man could be able to count the dust particles of the earth, then your seed could be numbered.”

So they end up in Mamre where he builds an altar to Jehovah.

These alters hold great spiritual significance to his journey and the setting of his family in the name of God. Spirtual anchors in Mother Earth. Greatful for their family anchors giving thanks to God. It holds power and brings forth much into this world and connection to the spiritual realms where he even comes back to his alters and calls to God where he I heard and given spiritual advice.

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