Genesis 11:19- 12:1

Genesis 11:19- 12:1

Abram and Sarai and family

so the lord sais go your way out of your country and prove yourself a blessing.

Why this journey???

Spiritual symbolisms of our journeys even today.

Jehovah blesses those that blesses him and curses those that call down evil upon him. Such is the case for those that are blessed by the lord even today.

By means of you … blessings of families and the ground they walk. such a privilege and blessing does Abram have in the eyes of God.

Alters being made the ones we curse in other religions in the name of christ and the Bible… What is the difference???

The land of Canaan is given to his seed as he is on this God ordained journey.

So there is a plague in the land that was blessed upon them. From here they they journey along to Egypt to find a home. Here he tells his wife Sarai to act as his sister because of her beauty and he may live. Such is the case sometimes but as you read this passage and they are taken to the house of Pharaoh and they are treated as royalty on her account.

The Pharaoh was about to take Sarai as his wife. But Jehovah touches his land with plague. This great Pharaoh knows right away that she is his wife. Even though Abram has brought plague to his land and he still has the chance and opportunity to kill him. Does he? he can still kill him and take his wife. But he allows them to leave.

They escort them and their belongings out. With what he had in mind does not occur. The Pharaoh seem to understand the will of God and allows them to leave intact and seems to be frustrated at not knowing the truth. Perhaps judgement of them is passed here as they entered their land.

Lessons of judgement and honor.


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