Genesis 5:26-6:16

Genesis 5:26-6:16

We live on the mistakes of our ancestors as well in the glories of our ancestors. Wether it be sin or good they effect the lineage as it goes on.

The sons of the true god started to notice the daughters of men.

My spirit shall not act indefinitely in that he is also flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to a hundred and twenty years.

120 years


The Nephilim it says, “…proved to be in the earth”

When the sons of God had children with the women of earth. So here there is a difference in those that are merely the women of earth and those that are the sons of God. These children that they produce “…they were the mighty ones who were of old, the men of fame.”

If you look towards society there are always those that are strangely gifted whether it be in strength or skills that we say this man is kissed by God or do things that most couldn’t even imagine. Since the bible is also written and understood by men I would personally say this concept doesn’t just transcend to just men and perhaps it was never meant to be categorized as just men given the era it was translated in. (Sometimes our small minds can be too literal and may not grasp the writers intent and we miss the point since God also did create Eve in case we forgot.) Even the women in any religion or spiritual beliefs seem to be discarded regardless of the importance they held in shaping society or to our prophets. For example Mary Magdalene. Look at all the horrible things or judgment we place apon Mary Magdalene although Jesus Christ chose to appear to her before he shows himself to anyone when he comes back from death. So there are always those that are amongst us that exhibit talent that is not of this world perhaps those children are the offspring of such beings. Including those that reach fame. Those that even reach fame are regarded as Gods are they not if we think about it. Everyone wants to be them regardless of what plight they had to reach such levels of adoration. They seem to be seperate then the rest of society the pedestal we humans place them apon not anyone else. but we do or is it just their own enerrgies that reach out to us that make us feel so. Since we are sensitive creatures we feel things that can not be explained. Is it ONLY the devil that graces us with gifts of fame? Is it not possible the lord himself or the angles can sing through those that are amongst us. Talents of the Gods….?

Tzadikim Nistrim ( The 36 righteous ones) It is believed Mozart was one of the Tzadikim Nistrim. Although a belief of Judaism much of the beliefs to filter through to one another.

Are they truly fallen angels because man can not believe that perhaps they could even be the ones that came seem to save earth from destruction. The ones that come to do their part by just living.

I’m not sure why it say’s true God when there is only one God? Again these are translations but there is also only one true god.

the mighty ones who were of old the men of fame. The children of those men who were the sons of the true god.

Jehovah felt hurt at his heart that he had made men on earth because the badness of man was abundant.

Noah found favor in the eyes of God while he wanted to wipe out all men and animals and creatures of the heavens

it is violence that causes God to erase all on earth that hurts his heart.

50 cubits is width and 30 its height, 300 cubits the length of the ark made of resinous tree and covered with tar. A 3 story ship…


Deluge of waters… God cleanses earth with water… water holly water and water is always used to purify

establish my covenant with you

Covenant – A binding agreement

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