Genesis 4:24-5:25

“This is the book of Adams history”.

At 130 is when Adam fathers Seth

lives on for another 800 years

Infinity protected by holly powers a continuation set in place twice.

He lived for 930 years total.

One is the number of beginnings, setting something into place. Three comes up in all over the scriptures of the bible and many religions and faiths across the world. usually considered the number of the lord of protection and that you are on path with the light for the lord can only come in threes for one man can not be God example holly trinity.

Zero holds the power of continuation and is considered a number of God. A continuation of a lineage as he leaves earth.

Nines has the vibrations of thee, three times also nine is the setting of a era. We continue our patterns on a nine year era before it begins again.

Seth fathered Enosh at 105 years


Infinity set by gods miracles

912 years Seth

Five the number of change and twelve is an angelic number which also comes up with the Aquarian age and through out prophecies and spiritual leaders that have come and gone. And even separately one is always the flame and it requires two to set forth a change on earth that we require whether it be a spiritual change political or a revolution. Those that make a change on earth come in twos for it to be grounded

Enosh at 90 years fatheres Ke’nan

815 years

905 years all together

Ke’nan lived for 70 years and fathered Mahalalel


910 years in total

Mahalalel birthed Jared at 65 years

lived on for 830

899 in total

Jared fathered Enoch at 162 years

800 years

in total 962 years

Enoch lived 65 and fathered Methuselah

After fathering Methuselah he went on walking with the true god 300 years

While he lives he walks with God himself on earth destroying the sins of his ancestor.

Methuselah is sixth in his lineage six is also attributed to love. Did this attribution come from the walking with the true God for one must attain love within the holly to walk with the true God.

365 in total

..kept walking with the true god then he was no more for God took him. He goes back to the light… heaven. no more a wonderer of earth bringing a positive change to his lineage.

Again 300 a powerful number to be walking with God on a lineage that would set forth a holly foundation of light and protection finally on a lineage. That would bring it powerful omens.

Methuselah fathered 187 years La’mech


Here for the first time it changes from 8 infinity to 782. Although the 8 is still there. Miracles set in infinity that bring a grounded change

in total 969 and he died

La’mech 182 Noah

Then 595

And here the number is significantly less and no 8. And this is the first mention of Noah where his birth is not mentioned in the earlier passage but the other children are.

A change set in the eras to bring change (the prophecy child)

777 (anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance 7 times from Genesis 3:7- 4:7) Their is a completion here… positive miracles grounded within a lineage

Seven is usually the number of miracles. On the seventh day God completed his work uniting heaven and earth. It was on the seventh day God rested.

Lamech seventh in line in his lineage and lives on earth for seven hundred and seventy seven years.

“This one will bring us comfort from our work and from the pain of our hands resulting from the ground which Jehovah has cursed”

Noah brings redemption for the curse of God on his lineage those that walk in the light see things that others do not. For it was his Grand father Methuselah that walked with God for 300 years and even after death walked with God. Then a Grandson is born that is given a prophecy of the lord of forgiveness, redemption and of the light. Once Methuselah walks with God it is on the third line on his lineage since him that a prophecy is born.

500 years old Noah when he became father to Shem, Ham and Japeth

Where does this new lineage arise from?

A change is ordained in the holly powers of God itself. As three sons are born to the one of prophecy.

Numbers are important in the bible more then we would like to see or admit.

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