Genesis 4:3-23


So Adam and Eve have intercourse and then she is pregnant and gives birth to Cain and Abel

Cain name meaning- Spear; possessed

Abel name meaning- Breath; son; breathing spirit

Herder of sheep and cultivator of the ground. One brother takes care of nature and the other animals if you think about it.

Jehovah is more pleased with Abel than Cain. He brought his firstlings and fatty pieces while Cain brought fruit from the ground. Can you see the difference in their offerings. One is more gracious

God educates him on good and sin.

Because God already knows all.

Cain ends up killing his brother out of jealousy… (Is this not the beginning of human kinds sin)

“When you cultivate the ground, it will not give you back its power. A wonderer and a fugitive you will become in the earth”

He looses power of Mother Earth. He can not gain the power of earth so this would impact his seed. Bound to earth maybe no way back to Jehovah.

Anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance seven times

The land of fugitiveness to the east of Eden.

So here it says that the land of fugitiveness is to the East of Eden.

Where did Cains wife come from? Was she made in the same manner as his parents? And her name is not mentioned.

Enoch meaning is trained and vowed; dedicated and profound.

So Enoch’s lineage seems to go on.

I’rad- wild ass, heap of empire, dragon

Mehujael-Who proclaims God

Methushael -Who demands his death

La’mech- to make low

La’mech takes on two wives all of a sudden. A’dah and Zi’llah

A’dah- adornement

Zi’llah- Shade,Shadow

A whole bunch of children are born just in this one passage, the lineage of Cain.

Jabal- Which glides away

Jubal-Stream (Ram’s Horn)

Tubalcain- Cain’s spices

Na’amah- pleasant

Jabal son of A’dah the founder of those who dwell in tents and have livestock.

Jubal the founder of all those that handle the harp and the pipe.

Zi’lah gives birth to a son and daughter….Tubalcain and Na’a mah

Tubalcain the forger of every type of tool, copper and iron.

So here when La’mech composes words for his wife it seems someone has wounded him which required him to kill to this his response.

If seven times Cain is to be avenged then La’mech seventy times and seven.

Adam and Eve give birth to another child who’s name is Seth in place of Abel.

Seth- Apointed

Enosh- Human being

Here is when calling on God begins. Calling on the name of Jehovah

If you look at this passage there is 8 generations from Adam and Eve on Cains side. Before Adam and Eve have another baby that is appointed in place of Abel.

It is in the 7th generation that a killing occurs. Seven comes up a couple of times in this passage if you take note.

And it is also in the eighth generation that two wives are taken on as both the wives give birth to 2 offsprings and finally a daughter is born.

Number 4 is in general a number considered to be setting of foundations. In this fourth passage a lineage is born. A lineage setting roots a foundation. Cain also gets a head start at his lineage.

8 infinity never ending continuation.

Another notation reading through the passage there seem to already be people around other than the lineage of Adam and Eve as well. As Cain is worried someone will come and strike him. So Jehovah makes a sign for him to make sure he is safe.

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