Now the serpent proved to be the most cautious of all the wild beasts of the field that Jehovah God had made.

My question is why is he the most cautious and if he is the most cautious what does that mean? Someone who avoids risks… is careful.

So he’s a careful beast. talking to the first woman God made. He is not presented as a conniving creature or evil.

Knowing good and bad

As they eat from the tree they are suddenly aware of their own nudity as if it is a bad thing. Their innocence is gone.

Now they can sew….. And make loins out of figs… A knowledge that must come from somewhere perhaps this tree.

When they hear God walking through the garden it is his voice they hear walking through the garden during the breezy part of the day. In spiritual beliefs across the world breeze is known as something very sacred to God. Even to the point of being called the sister of God. The winds the sister of God. It is the winds that carry the voice of God. Sometimes when ones questions or prayers are answered such messages come from the winds. When God is angry then the winds come bringing a great storm destroying all.

“Who told you.. you were naked? “This is what God asks his children. Where as if we look through our own mankind history including religious history ones body is shamed. Especially a woman’s body. God seems to be mad that they fear their own nudity. This here shows it is man who created such fears not GOD.

Now they are afraid for God to see them in their original state. Hiding from God. where as before there is no fear. As we are born to our lives on earth we begin to fear God.

Jehovah God curses the serpent to his walk on his belly and dust it shall eat.

What does he mean when he puts enmity between the serpents seed and the woman’s seed?


No one ever mentions the curse that is placed on the serpent????

If you think about it historically serpents are considered a bad omen. Or if you call someone a serpant it means you cant trust him. Is this the enmity God creates through out the ages? Mankind does fear snakes.

He will bruise you in the head and she will bruise you in the heel.

Such powerful words spoken here. She will bruise you in the head… as the serpent is cursed to walk upon his belly on the ground and the snake bites the heels of humans when we accidentally hurt them or tread where we do not belong in their space.

God puts man out of the garden to cultivate the ground he was created from.. example farming. Now instead of being fead joyously man must work the land.

God speaks of him dominating her after eating from this tree

until you return to the ground.

As I read on I feel that God is speaking of life and death. that perhaps they were immortal and maybe even in heaven so now they must take birth and die

A cycle has begun as he also talks of her pregnancy pains.

when we take birth on earth we have no memory of God. so perhaps this is what he speaks of . the cycle of birth

The name Adam is introduced here and he calls her Eve because now she had to become the mother everyone living. “HAD TO” Responsibilities are given out to them.

live till time indefinite

to cultivate the ground from which he was taken

cherubs and a flaming blade are posted in the east of the garden. East is mentioned here again to guard the tree of life. the tree of knowledge is also the tree of life.

Tree of life

Meaning of Adam- In hebrew son of the red earth

Meaning of Eve- in Hebrew To breath ( one can not breath without a mother giving them birth) A mother gives a child life … breath.

Side note I already want to read the passage in its original language this makes me want to read it even more. I personally feel there is much more we are missing here but thats my own thoughts so far.

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