National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

September 30th we are wearing orange in honor of the Canadian babies that were found in graves. On their own land who could not wear the clothes of their own country. Speak the language of Canada. Or pray on their own land in how the spirit manifested as it was required. Phyllis Webstad from the nation of Stswecem’c Xgat’tem. She arrived to her residential school wearing an orange shirt.  They stripped her of everything.

Orange is a color of sacrifice sometimes worn into war in cultures across the world when the warriors are ready to lay down their lives. It is also so in the native culture.

In native culture it is also the color of fire… creation…. recreation….. represents the sun.

Here check out a little bit about her.

May we rise in the embers of all that fuel us as as a people as a nation as we rise in love in the mistakes of our ancestors. As we make a better way from the wrongs we have done. May our hearts consume all that is wrong as we ferociously spread the fire of sacrifice. May we never have to make the same sacrifices ever again…..

May we gather around the ferocious fires of sacrifice as the blood of our children is on our land. Big brothers children their blood on our hands. May we respect those that allowed our freedom as we took theirs. As we tore children from the wombs of their mothers. I bow in reverence to such a beautiful sacrifice as we answered their love with death. As we brought disease an answer to their kindness. May we eat as one under the sun for we are all children of our land.

I ignite the flame that beats the drum beat of the warriors that stand in truth in honor of all. Laying down their own lives without a single thought. For when the time comes just as the 3 Bears rise we rise. In the power of all. I ignite thee in sacrifice …..


Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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