1:22 – 2:9

God came to rest on the 7th day from all his work he had made. And God proceeded to bless the seventh day and make it sacred…..

How does one bless and make it sacred?

Does the Bible describe how such a task transpired? What would one envision in such a moment?

Jehova God???

What does Jehovah mean and where does it come from?

What are the original languages the original bible is written in?

Biblical Aramaic, Biblical Hebrew and Greek

Jehovah comes from Hebrew and Greek and even Biblical Aramaic all though there are some debates on how it is truly pronounced. Jehovah is the nature of God. In original Hebrew Jehovah was only pronounced on the day of attonement Yom-Kippur.

It refers to Yahweh’s ability to keep covenants and promises

Take a look at this link and it will give you good insight into the history of Gods name.

It is only in the new testament the name Jehovah is removed.

Before rain or humans were even created it was a mist that came up from the earth itself that watered the ground

Humans from dust as he blew winds into our nostrils the breath of life

God put man and the tree of knowledge in the East.

Why the east and not any other direction?

What does the east represent?

And where is the east? Even on a materialistic realm in a world sense. Where is the east?

The east represents knowledge and the way of the past. Within spiritual and magical practices the east is faced to Awaken spiritual awareness, wisdom and personal awareness

The wise men saw the star of Jesus in the east as they traveled east to the messiah. It is said that the messiah is also born in the east. Isreal is in the east.

The tabernacle and the Angel Cherubim are placed in the direction of east.

Who is magnificent Cherubim… we will get into that later, we must.

once the four headed river is created the Bible mentions Gold, bdellium gum, and the onyx stone.

(Links revised later)

Many claim there is no mention of stones in the Bible nor are they good. But here it says that the gold of the land of the first river Pishon… The gold of the land is good.

Why gold that is good and why bdellium gum and why the onyx stone when the earth is created. After man was created God continues to create the river then specifically stones before vegetation. Is the Almighty not deliberate in ones creation?

What do Gold bdellium gum and onyx stone represent and mean or what is its importance in creation?

Gold spiritually has great power. All that consists in this world transmit energy and frequencies. Gold is the master attainment to all that is in the purity of the holly lord.

People say there is no mention of incense in the Bible but what is bdellium gum?

Bdellium gum is myrrh which is used in perfumery and in incense.

Onyx historicyally is protection from evil.

Creates a strong connection between earth and the heavens as God created earth and the heavens. In order to unite them.

Pishon River encircles the land of Havilah where there is gold

Second River Gihon encircles Cush

Third river Hiddekel going to the east of Assyria.

Fourth river Euphrates

God gave man the privilege of naming each living soul…. the beasts of the ground and flying creatures of the heavens.

In deep sleep that the lord puts him in is when man makes a woman from his rib which is meant to complement man.

How important is ones ribs especially in battlefield. What do we protect?

This is the importance of a woman and what she should mean to man.

It was God that created her not him. Man merely gave God his rib from a sleep that was induced by Jehovah himself. Man created from dust.

both of them must become one flesh. One soul. They represent one soul union in the spiritual sense and literal here in the Bible.

The creation of soul and of sacred union.

They were not ashamed of their nudity when the Lord created them. Where does being ashamed of ones body come from? Not in our creation when the lord created humans.

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