Elections SMH

In todays century our elections have not been updated to our current era where all can vote. Without inconveniences that have been created. We should be able to walk in and vote anywhere.

Do they want our vote???

Will they lead you to the wrong voting offices?

Will they make sure certain areas are not updated to their addresses online?

Yes our votes do matter. Trump became president didn’t he and changed EVERYTHING over night. Don’t get too comfortable thinking I’ll be gone when it impacts me. Selfish thinking.

Look around…..

Who will emerge from this chaos in its truth?

Only the strong will survive… Mentally, physically and spiritually….

Our schools are missing the lettering of their names????? We are showing the children we do not care enough to even put the name of their schools on display….

When you walk to school and see the letters gone… What does this say to our children?????????????

And if we didn’t even care to place the names of their schools, where else are we going wrong?

Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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