Does it really matter…..?

Does it really matter what words we use…..

Science…….. God…… Source….. One Love…… Matter…… Energy….. Universal Energies…….. Nothing… etc……


As the times have changed language has changed. The words we use …. the meanings have changed.

Our comprehension our journeys an enlightenment of its own…..

Always bowing to one selves understanding in our own growth.

Can you learn from inside a box?

When reading any text should we not read from the era they were written in?

Gay used to mean happy.

When reading old literature the words gay are still written under such contents. Anyone that is not from that era and never took the time to understand would not understand old text written in such format.

My purpose here is not to make anyone believe in God. Such is not my place in this universe. Nor do I personally care if one believes or not. I do though believe in knowledge and there is no place for misinformation in this world. Misinformation or wrong understandings Create more harm than good. But I will open up the scriptures for you as we come together to read. Scriptures known as the words of God. And nor will we stop at these scriptures alone.

Let us learn.

P.S God and source mean the same thing. If you believe God is different then the words source then you have not taken the time to understand either of these man made words….. language.

Love You all…. May we always grow in love as we bow to our own reverence and allow our inner lights to exceed all that is possible and infinite.

Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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