The shoes of those children found in Canadian unmarked graves.

Because we did not allow them to pray 🙏 and said they were not of God. Ripped from their heritage and ways in their own country. Because we refused to understand and accept.

They showed kindness and acceptance and hospitality. But this was their gift in return.

For the first time in our history in our generation Canadians stood silent and celebrated Canada in silence. When normally we are loud with fireworks in our streets. The flag flew. No one agreed to celebrate in silence but we followed suit without discussion silently. Never have I ever heard silence on Canada in our streets. We stood in solidarity this year in honor of these children. I am honored we cared enough to do so.

Love you beautiful children. May your prayers be heard on earth from the light. May your spirits stir us in wisdom and may we grow in love from our mistakes. May such atrocities never happen again.

Blessed Love ❤

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