I consider these guys BULLIES….

In Canada we consider this type of protesting an American thing so I was really shocked to see this. Or maybe my province is just more respectful. Although I have lived in other provinces and never seen this and NEVER seen women support this. The opposite actually. Did not matter if you were religious or not. Growing up we only saw protests like this in America. Our Canadian schools used America as an example for this type of behavior infringing on the rights of women. I commend Nova Scotia for doing the RIGHT THING. How is this selective indignation when you are endangering the lives of these women? You are infringing on the rights of these women. But who cares their women. They cant even choose what to do with their OWN BODIES. Not your body. Their body. Women do not have enough rights to begin with. We are still fighting battles we should not be in today’s so called century even in our western society. And your going to compare this to protests on the railways. Are you fucking serious????? As railway family I consider this straight up offensive.


Shes popping that baby out of HER vagina not yours. (Its soo easy to give birth right!)

That is between her and the creator. She is the creator here and gets to choose if she wants to create a baby.

Are YOU giving birth to that child? Are you going to be there when you just put someones life in danger? Or that child’s? Not to mention the psychological damages you are causing.

Even if she’s not in danger its her right. And never an easy decision. Will you be happier with women in dangerous situations like in America when women have to get abortions illegally and now shes going to die from the infection caused by a street doctor. Or maybe that little girl looses her life on that table and now her body will be found in the gutter. Are you happier now? Will you pick her body up? Give yourselves a good pat on the back now. Bravo… Your such a hero now!

In America they leave babies at the baby drop centers outside on the street…. a cement street in front of a door. With signs that say please do not put the baby in a bag. Because the baby might suffocate. Or in Canada in the garbage or a toilet because we do not have such places. Are you going to be there to pick that baby up? Or perhaps the father is a rapist. Are you going to be there when that baby she just gave birth to because of YOU who is a bully; when that baby is raped or murdered. Where will YOU be then? Now that’s on your head. On your SOUL…. May your soul carry that burden because you did not give women a safe environment. Instead you were the bully. No better then her oppressor.

You wont be there to take care of the baby. If you really cared about these babies then your time would be better utilized adopting kids or making sure the babies that are thrown aside like garbage are taken care of and fed. This is just an excuse to bully another human being. Its tooo easy to bully women. You ARE the problem.

In Egyptian history unwanted babies were just left by a wall. Most of them died or were eaten up by animals. And if the baby did manage to survive you already know what society would do to them. Especially the little girls.

In Roman history babies were thrown over a bridge and then people laughed at them. Because its funny right? That’s the cruelty of our society that really has not changed.

American black babies that were fed to the crocodiles which is not even that long ago. They thought that was funny too.

Your only making this world a worse place by your bully hate supporting ways. When half these people would probably go have an abortion themselves if it happened to them.

Women doing this to each other is even worse.

Let women have their rights. They deserve to be safe. Women should not still be fighting for their right to give birth or not. Nor do they deserve to be shamed for their decisions. Shaming women is ohh way to easy in this world full of bullies that love to shame women. Even after they’ve been raped on national television by powerful men with money. This is the world we live in. As old men pass around panties with flowers in court rooms. How are such things even allowed?



P.S- the picture representing the article is extremely misleading. The younger the audience and sometimes we just don’t read things properly. So you end up getting votes in this age of Instagram from people that never took the time to understand the post properly. And it can be extremely confusing. 

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