Shackles Rattles

Have we forgotten history repeats itself…..

As those that bore them

Still live amongst us all

Hidden pain we do not see….


Lets make it concrete now…..

I’m that woman that rode two earthquakes and enjoyed them ohh all so well

I was excited


As I felt mother earth shake

It was the most beautiful thing I felt

For I felt mother rumble

And she chose to stop

As she can envelope so easily when you feel that rumble

As I dance with mother

As she has acknowledged my presence

As she wanted to dance

So we danced

As I know I looked a fool

But I could not contain my giggle

As I danced a fool

As I rode her rumble

Alas someone had heard me as I rumbled

For she had heard my call

As she answered my grumble

We roared so well

As she lay awaken

As she heard my call

To my dismay I felt her love

As she chose to embrace

As she heard my call

As she brought me healing

So I rumbled awaken

As she answered my call

I did not expect her to answer at all

For I had not known the existence of her lovely power

Until she answered my call

As we embraced in a love forlorn to us all

As she roars me awaken

I dance for you all

A dance of the ancients

As she roars me awaken

I sigh for us all

As I rise a fool

In her joyous melody

She give me power

So I rise a fool



 -A prayer answered in the land of Oh America



Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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