Knowledge is Sacred

Letter to my childhood library

I was happy to see the new age renovations. The place definitely looks like its built for today’s generation now.
I was sad to see where all the books went. It is a library after all. How did we end up with such few books. I spent alot of time here since it was our library. I was an avid reader most of my life. books that I read growing up came from here. I had a bad habit of getting toooo many books. Sometimes 50 at a time. They didnt have a limit back then and encouraged it. I used to find the oldest and sometimes even scriptures here. Their would be the odd librarian being mean then my dad or another librarian would stand up for you to take those books home. As I walked around to look at bare empty shelves it no longer felt like a library. Their is a 3rd of books their used to be when i was a child. Maybe not even… I don’t see how this will help our youth. Where did our books go? Half the fun was finding old books you could sometimes find old treasures or notes in. They spoke of different times before our time. Notes or forms other students had left in there. We would leave them in the books for other children to discover. My question stands where did our books go?

I hope you guys dont phase out libraries because it looks like your about to. It looks more like a tech space now. So much empty space when those books shelves used to tower over adults. Back then I used to envision that place growing by the time I was an adult. Never thought it would go the other way.

Those books had history….. the history of my city……. Horse City ….

Their are alot more children in this city then there were when I was growing up.


Author: sahibaspeaks

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