It takes a baby to wash up on shore for the world to realize

The lives lost too soon

A picture but not the actual act of humans handing over a baby from the boats they arrive on

From lands and homes that no longer exist.

As we turn them away from our borders

Lands that do not belong to us

As we oppress the forefathers of our lands.

As they die from hunger and no water

As we are the new world

Such things don’t happen here

Oh yes they do

If you opened your eyes to the people of our land

I don’t think we realize even as Canadians how many of our people our children have watched their family members beheaded in front of their eyes as mere babies as they were taken on trucks to concentration camps. And I am not talking about the Middle East or even the holocaust

I speak of Eastern Europe as well

Kosovo a fine example as Bush and Jean Chretien helped them as well

As we walk amongst our coworkers once lawyers and doctors who clean our floors who hide their pain ohhhh all so well

As their work and education mean nothing at all now


As they smile a smile more genuine then any we could ever understand.


Who wants to talk about their pain or the bloodshed they felt at all

As we live in the land of Ohh Canada

As our own sisters get beaten and raped then thrown aside

As our cops watch and don’t do enough

As they take away our rights to even see a doctor

Because you didn’t do your job

As you hall away my sisters to jail cells when they should of gone to the hospital instead

As all you see is her wild hair and the color of her skin is all

As you fail me

You fail others as well

I expect more from you yes

As I stare in disappointment as well

As you allow the ones who harm us to walk so free at all

As you throw the angels of our society behind bars so well

As you hurt the young ones of our lands

Because you wouldn’t open your eyes to what was going on

I rise a mother

In the full ferocity of Kali

As I show you it all

And you say we are the land of Oh Canada

I see our way disappearing as we succumb to the way of hate as this is not our way at all

As the world still loves us

May we catch ourselves before we lose this rite of passage at all.

Then there’s no coming back at all

We still hold a legacy

One to be reckoned at all

As I’ve traveled the seven seas and I’ve seen it all

As our world changes to a way of hate

We know at all

Why embrace such a world

When we know better at all.

As our babes cry

I stand tall

For the ones you do not see at all

For this is not our way

Of my land at all

As I roar for my world of love to return to me

I stand tall in my land of Oh Canada

My land I know so well

As I watch us grow into something we are not at all

Find me my land

As we have lost our smiles

As I find my way home

As mother reminds me of who I am at all

As mother knows best

As she shows me as well

As my words come from the source may they hinder you all.



Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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