I Believe in RIGHTS!!!

Rights ….. Rights…. Rightssss


I believe in Gay rights

I believe in women rights

I believe in rights for our boys…..

I believe in trade worker rights

I believe in children’s rights

I believe in black rights

I believe in native rights

I believe in human rights


I believe in taking care of our veterans…. they already did their part. They served humanity. They already fought for us to walk this earth.

I believe in refugee rights.

I believe in rights for our elderly. Our turn to take care of them.

I believe in rights for all.

I believe everyone has a right to an education.

Our children deserve an education

I believe in rights for our athletes…. and their health cough cough football players… hockey players health….( Their bodies take hits we couldn’t even imagine)


Everyone deserves to be safe.

No one should go hungry when mother earth has bountiful food. She gave us freely.

As you take our rights away…. don’t forget it might be you on the other end of that double edged sword one day soon.

It takes a second for the universal powers to turn the table.

Remember that when the tables turn…

When the wheel of fortune turns…

As it always does…..

You’ve left no room for humanity to breath as you drink our blood….

Photo: Antique

Ancient Roman Sun Wheel Bronze Brooch / 34mm.
Roman / 2nd-3rd Century A.D. – Central European



Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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