Leaders Define a Country

Leaders define a country….

What mark will you leave on mother earth?

What legacy will you leave leaders of my world?

What will we remember you for?

What you did to us or how you made us feel is forever eminent. This fake news can not change. Actions create wounds. What scars did you leave on this world?

What will we remember you for! Even if you destroy history you can not destroy our memories. Or the legacy you created for yourself and your people.

Tears are always heard by the powers that reign this world.

The universal….. Mother earth…… always finds a way to preserve history.

Hate will leave a mark…. One only the true ones will rise in the face of in order to heal. That is when we will find our real leaders.

Not leaders made of money with no understanding for those they rule over. As they continue to destroy us literally.


This year has started with great bloodshed…. I suspect theirs more coming….

The children of my country are dying…..


Are we ready?

Warfare has many guises….


I hold you all responsible for your actions as you drink our blood. May the powers of this world take hold in true divinity. I grew up in a better world I see the difference.

(The time of Jean Chretien. I was safe because of him…. the mothers of my country were safer. Thank you saint of Canada. Your legacy still lives within me.)





Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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