As I allow this power to release

As our time has come

I’mma rock this universe

From the chore of mother earth

For I am fire as I rise from my all mighty mountains

As the glaciers that contain me tear

As I was sent to where I belong

For who are you to move me from my land

As father has given me a destiny

One to be reckoned with

As you get in his way

As I allow him to do his work

As I sit back a daughter

As my father takes his reigns

you’ve gone too far now

Electric Kali

Wrath of a mother

For this is a spirit realm

As my ancestors join me

As they awaken me from my slumber of death

As destruction arrives

I look around

At all the haters

Foe you have not done your part

As our babies die

Mother has given us enough

As we destroy mother

For mother can not be destroyed

As a power answers back

I’mma sing you a melody

My father shows me

As I release him to you for now you are in his hands

As I roar awaken

Now its on

For its time for war

As you hunt my mothers

As our governments no longer protect


I’m gonna create such a divine storm

As I unleash a power of a soul

destruction that only the ones can survive

As I allow it to consume you

As you allowed me to burn

As I roar a spell as my ancestors hold me here.

As I fight for my people as we are all one

Now your about to see

A gift of my divine ancestors

As the light arrives

As he unleashes me apon you all



Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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