I’mma release this crackle of lightening

as it comes straight from the source

Can you handle it

For it is your bidding

that released it

Now watch electric fire


As mothers rise

As I sit in prayer

As the Angels arrive

As they encase me with their wings

As I soar a falcons roar…

Wings of Gods Kingdom

For have you seen their power

As I sit within his dome

As he takes care of me

As you all fail me

So I rise

In the name of my sisters

The ones we have lost

In unmarked graves in my land of Oh Canada


As fathers fall

Mothers rise

As my ancestors teach me how to protect my sexuality

As they know ohh all too well

How to fight this battle

For they come from lands that did not protect them at all

So I rise

In their liberty

As we fall

A death walk never seen before

As I roar a beast

Ugly power

As I rise

I’mma show you a gift

One of the divine

I’m on my path…

As you take away my rights

As you sit smugly apon your chair

Now a wrath must be felt

For it is the way of mother

Feel it if you can

For this melody is released as it burns you all alive

It comes with a force

That cannot be ignored

For even anger is a Gift of the Gods

Don’t worry father already warned me of your mischief

So I rise

In his power I rise

A power to be reckoned with as I rise.





Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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