I bow down to the owl that hoots

I boy down to the power of El Morya

As the fathers of the night join us

As I release a power never seen before

As I rise

A step never seen before

As the owl hoots

A resonance appears

A roar of the night is released

As  a mother sighs

As the holly speak

I rise

As mother knows all

For father is here

As a moment is felt

The winds arise

As only the ones realize

As they walk a path never seen before

A walk of silence

As they endure

For they are the Gods of Chaos

As they rise

As I rise


I rise

As father rises

I rise

I’mma show you am

As I dance up a storm

As storm is my mother

For she cradled me to mother earth

So here I rise

In my mother land

Of Oh Canada

As I rise

Through these mighty mountains

As the arctic winds arrive

As the crackle of the arctic is no foreigner to me

As I rise

As the ice arrives

I fire up

As fire is my legend

As I rise







Merry Christmas


Author: sahibaspeaks

ROAR sisters Roar.... As we Rise Roar....

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